Disease Reporting

Reporting of HIV to the Iowa Department of Public Health

Iowa Law Requires Providers AND Laboratories to Report to IDPH.

Providers should report:

  1. New diagnoses of HIV
  2. New diagnoses of AIDS
  3. The first time a person diagnosed with HIV reports to a new medical provider
  4. Births to persons with HIV
  5. Deaths of people with HIV

Laboratories should report:

  1. Diagnostic tests that are confirmed as positive
  2. All other tests that are indicative of HIV, including a positive result or report of a detectable quantity on any other HIV detection (non-antibody) tests, and results of all viral loads, including nondetectable levels.
  3.  All levels of CD4+ T-lymphocyte counts  

See 641 Iowa Administrative Code 11.6 for more information.

We assign all persons with a new diagnosis of HIV to a Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) for delivery of Partner Services.

In this regard:

  • It is important to gather patient phone numbers and addresses.
  • It is important to find out as much as possible about the client’s living situation, marital status, employment, and other relevant information.
  • The above details help the DIS to do a proper job of contacting the client and protecting confidentiality.
  • DIS are skilled at providing HIV education and information about available resources and services. They are also glad to offer their assistance in confidentially notifying the client’s sex and/or needle-sharing partners.
  • It is very useful if HIV testing sites and physicians tell the client to expect a call from a DIS. We assign to a DIS after clients are notified of their diagnosis.

Completed HIV reporting forms may be sent by U.S. Mail, or we are happy to receive the information via the telephone.  Mailing address and telephone numbers are on the form. Please do not fax the completed form.   

Please feel free to contact the Iowa Department of Public Health staff with any questions or comments at 515-281-6818 or 515-242-5141.

Download a Printable Postcard Containing Reporting Information