HIV Testing Services

HIV testing services are provided at multiple sites across the state at no cost to any person who requests testing. Testing includes a screening (which is a  health assessment) and a rapid HIV test. Following the test - treatment, referrals, and educational materials may be offered to support your health needs.

If a rapid HIV test is positive, another test will be done to confirm the result. In addition to HIV testing, a person may be assessed and offered treatment for other sexually transmitted infections and/or hepatitis.

What is an HIV Test?

An HIV test tells you if you have HIV. The tests work by detecting antigens and/or antibodies that are unique to an HIV infection. This is often done with a rapid test that can provide a result in 1 to 20 minutes.

Where Can I Find HIV Testing Near Me?

Free HIV testing services are widely available across the state. Find free HIV testing near you! You can also request HIV testing from your doctor.

To learn more about HIV testing, check out this information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.