HIV Medications

AIDS Drug Assistance Program to Cover the Costs of HIV

Medication Assistance Program & Insurance Assistance Program

The Medication Assistance Program (ADAP) provides medication and insurance assistance to People Living with HIV. These programs provide assistance with insurance premiums, medication copayments, medication coinsurance and/or medication deductible costs to clients who have insurance coverage. These assistance programs require clients to enroll in the Ryan White Case Management and recertify their eligibility every 6 months. To apply for ADAP the client must first meet with their Ryan White case manager who will assess the client’s eligibility for the program. The case manager will assist the client with completing the ADAP application, collect the required eligibility documentation, and submit the ADAP application for the client. Clients receiving ADAP assistance are required to fill prescriptions through a centralized mail-order pharmacy unless their insurance requires them to fill through an alternative pharmacy.

Medication Assistance Program—pays for medication only for clients who:

  • Are in between insurance plans
  • Have missed enrollment for other insurance
  • Are undocumented

Insurance Assistance Program—can pay for copays, deductibles, and eligible premiums for clients who:

  • Are enrolled in private insurance (employer, ASI, COBRA)
  • Are on Medicare Part D
  • Have Medicaid for employed persons with disabilities
  • Are on a 5-year Medicaid ban